General Terms and Business Conditions

General Terms and Business Conditions for the Online-Shop from IMST GmbH


§ 1 General / Preface

All contractual relationships between customers (hereinafter "Customer") and the Online-Shop/Web-shop from IMST GmbH (hereinafter "IMST") and any use of the IMST website are subject to the following General Terms and Business Conditions for the Online-Shop (hereinafter “Terms and Conditions” or GTB). These GTB have become, unless otherwise agreed at the time of closure of the contract between the Customer and IMST, or in the individual case something else have become effective in writing, are valid.

Deviating terms and conditions of the customer are expressly rejected, although this is not explicitly stated again within an order / order confirmation, unless it was otherwise agreed in writing between the parties.

IMST may not accept and reject any orders, if they are obviously intended for any use which is prohibited by national or international laws and regulations. This is especially true, when the requested goods are controlled by any German, European, US- or any other international export control regimes.

IMST will not process any purchase orders if the given information is incomplete, insufficient or not trustworthy.

§ 2 Pricing, Supplies

All prices published in the IMST Online-Shop are net prices, as our offer is generally not directed to (private persons) consumers. In addition, gross prices and the statutory VAT (currently 19%, Germany) is shown separately on the invoice.

The (single unit) prices are always based solely on the specific product offered in the described configuration and with the described software / firmware. Any changes to the product hardware and/or software can lead to other prices.

Deliveries to other EU countries (Intra-EU-Supply; Assumptions: commercial activity and valid VAT-ID) are usually tax exempted. Due to German tax laws we are forced in addition to verify that we have delivered goods to your business address. Therefore we are going to include a document "certification of the entry of the object of an intra-Community supply into another EU Member State" into our supply. When you receive our goods please fill in the "Gelangensbestaetigung" as appropriate and send it back to us (via Fax or scanned copy/e-mail). Otherwise we are forced by German tax authorities to raise tax on sales (VAT).

All offers are only valid while stocks last. Mentioned delivery schedules are based on the current stock conditions of IMST and the information provided by our suppliers. Delivery schedules may deviate due to availability of precursor supplies.

§ 3 Technical Specification, Performance and Support

The products offered by IMST conform to the specifications in the respective data sheets for the products in force at the time of the order. The data sheets are - if not IMST products - created by the suppliers of IMST. IMST accepts no liability for the correctness of this information. Changes in data sheets can continuously take place even without separate notice.

The properties of the offered software/firmware are generally given in the data sheets and at the offered extent. The same applies for the offered development tools.

IMST does not warrant that the products offered, if necessary, need adjustments to be integrated into the customer's system without further, possibly additional fees.

Furthermore accepts IMST no warranty that the system in which the products of IMST are be integrated, and/or meet the requirements of the relevant licensing requirements for the final product or can be adjusted accordingly.

The support for the products is limited to the information necessary for a professionally trained customer. It comprehends statements about the acquired products and its use, but usually not a complete system integration support.

§ 4 Contract

As part of the Customers order he agrees to this Terms and Conditions, he will be referred to the cancellation policy, which can be at this point, printed and saved. The declarations and regulations of the GTBs are becoming an integral part of the contract and are accepted by the the customer during the order process. The binding contract is made effective upon the receipt of our order confirmation, where these GTBs and the revoke instructions are attached again.

The transmission of the order confirmation is sent to the specified customer e-mail address.

IMST is not obligated to keep all goods offered on stock. The customer will get an order confirmation, including the expected delivery schedule - which is based in part on information from the producers or suppliers.

In case that after the customer's order, the product is no longer available, IMST will not confirm the order, so that no contract is closed. The customer will be informed separately about this fact. If feasible, the customer is offered another product by IMST, which corresponds to the desired product as much as possible. The customer can decide in this regard about this new offer again (no automatic order).

§ 5 Delivery and Shipment

Delivery is at the expense of the customer and with regard to the customer’s delivery address named in the order. The cost and type of shipment will be communicated to the customer when the order is placed. Transportation cost will be reported separately within the order.

Any import duties / federal or regional taxes or taxes for deliveries abroad are at the customer’s responsibility. IMST provides all relevant documentation required for such deliveries.

§ 6 Payment Terms, Ownership

For new customers, the delivery will be made advance payment (bank transfer or Paypal) only. In all other cases "14 days net" are the payment terms.

Bank transfers have to be made to the following account:


Receipient: IMST GmbH

Bank Name: Sparkasse Duisburg

IBAN: DE 35 3505 0000 0760 1245 03




The ownership of the goods remains at IMST GmbH until the full payment for the purchase order is at IMSTs bank accounts. In the case of further processing of the goods delivered, IMST acquires a joint ownership of the intermediate and/or end products, if the respective payment has not yet taken place. The possibly resulting claims from the resale to third parties shall be forfeited in the amount of the debt to the company IMST as security.

§ 7 Limitation of Liability, obvious defects, defect rights

Any claim for damages against IMST or for the goods supplied by IMST is excluded, unless the damage-claim is not based on intent, gross negligence, breach of essential contractual obligations or fraudulent concealment of a defect of IMST or his agents. In case of a breach of fundamental contractual obligations, it is limited to the typical contractual damages which were caused through negligence.

The disclaimer does not apply to damages arising from injury to life, body or health.

The provisions on legal product liability (by law) remain unaffected.

This disclaimer also applies to third parties that are involved in a legal contract between a customer and IMST.

Unaffected is the possible liability of an explicitly assumed warranty in the order confirmation or of the legal defect liability pursuant to §§ 434ff BGB (German Civil Code).

Any shipping damage must, if it is visible at the handover to the customer, declared at the freight carrier (shipping company or parcel service). In the case of transport damage, IMST is entitled to deliver the goods again within a reasonable time. The same applies in the event, that the product is vitiated by an error. Withdrawal from the contract due to a defect is only possible after a failed replacement trial.

The customer is obligated to inform IMST immediately of any defect in writing or by e-mail. For commercial purchasers, refer § 377 HGB (German Commercial Code) for any actions on incoming inspections and obligations.

The products supplied by IMST must never be used for life-assurance, life-sustaining, life-supporting, surgical products and / or human implants without prior written consent.

§ 8 Jurisdiction

Fulfilment of each delivery is Kamp-Lintfort.

The court of Kleve, Germany is the place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising out of or resulting from this contract. All claims are subject to the laws of the Germany. The UN Sales Convention is expressly excluded.

§ 9 Severability Clause

Should individual provisions of these Terms and Conditions in whole or in part become invalid and/or unenforceable - for whatever legal reason -, it shall not affect the validity of the remaining clauses. Both parties will undertake in good faith to replace the invalid / unenforceable term by another, which approximates the economic purpose of the invalid / unenforceable provision and which is valid.


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