LTCC technology, Introductory seminar

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This two-day seminar on LTCC technology gives participants a comprehensive introduction to the topic. Here, aspects of circuit design are treated, and the foundations for an understanding of the manufacturing technology of LTCC modules for RF and microwave technology are laid.

LTCC Einführungsseminar

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  • LTCC Einführungsseminar


LTCC is a ceramic multilayer circuit technology with great potential for high-frequency applications. The PCB materials (tapes) as well as the gold and silver conductors have the necessary physical and electrical properties.

Although already highly developed, LTCC technology has recently made further improvements in material development. This technology, applicable in the areas of circuit communication, radar, and other terminal manufacturers, has become even more fascinating. The cheap price of materials and production - compared to integrated circuits - makes LTCC technology an ideal base for System-in-Package (SiP) and multi-chip modules (MCM).

LTCC circuits may consist of any number of layers; further components can be incorporated into the cavities. LTCC substrates are rugged, sealed, and environmentally stable. These, and other, favorable properties are used to develop compact and efficient modules for application in communication and sensors.

This introductory seminar will provide participants with an understanding of the basics of the technology, giving them an insight into the production of LTCC modules for microwave and high frequency applications.

Venue: IMST GmbH, Kamp-Lintfort (near Dusseldorf), customer premises
Seminar Design: individual customization possible
Seminar Type: business seminar for small groups (typically 5 people.)
Schedule: TBC


This tutorial is intended for technicians, engineers, and their managers who are active in the development of RF and microwave modules. The seminar will give participants a basic understanding of the LTCC technology.

Keywords for typical application environments are: automotive electronics, radar and sensor technology, medical technology, aviation and aerospace.

Seminar content:

Block 1: Overview of LTCC material systems and manufacturers

From the perspective of microwave applications the number of alternative LTCC material systems is limited. The overview given here of the potential material systems, manufacturers of LTCC circuits and Second-Sources should contribute to identifying the right material system at an early stage of development. This information is of particular interest to those companies planning to develop this technology and produce their own products and applications.

Block 2: LTCC manufacturing processes

We discuss all the steps taken in the LTCC manufacturing process. Different alternatives to how these processes could be carried out are then presented and discussed. A basic understanding of the relevance of these manufacturing steps helps to fully grasp design rules and enable successful circuit design. .

Block 3: applications in telecommunications and sensor electronics

Applications such as waveguides, transitions, filters, antennas and other passive components are presented. The embedding of active circuits is demonstrated using the example of an amplifier. LTCC BluetoothTM modules and two complete TX/RX modules are discussed in order to show the benefits and challenges of LTCC technology.

Block 4: 3D simulation and test methods

The development of multi-layer high-frequency modules requires the use of sophisticated simulation tools in order to avoid additional implementation cycles. The analysis of 3D structures is demonstrated using reliable, but expensive, methods of modern simulation technology. Commercially available simulation tools are presented. It is shown how these tools can be used in the design of multi-layer structures. A high degree of automation is desirable for these steps. This is so that errors in the transfer of engineering data can be avoided throughout production.

In another section, we discuss ways in which the HF performance of LTCC material systems can be compared.

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